Most companies would find it extremely useful if they could reach out to specific events’ attendees. If this sounds like it may help you, Event Geo-Fencing is the tool to use! We can target a venue like an arena or convention center using our cutting-edge technology. We then take this data and create a list of each individual who attended a specific event, and use these as advertising audiences to send your ads to!  Although we use similar technology to that which is utilized for mobile geo-conquesting, the big difference is that we build an audience of everyone attending an event as it happens, rather than building it over time. When this is done correctly, these audiences very often convert at higher rates than usual!

Companies supplying products or services to the medical industry can for example easily reach out to all medical professionals that have attended a specific convention. Attendees at big concerts can also be captured and used for an advertising campaign by for example music store owners. This technology also works very well for B2B advertising by using it to identify all individuals who have been to a specific industry event!

Event Types That Can Easily Be Framed

Tradeshows, conventions, and conferences

NCAA, pro sports, and other sporting events.

Music concerts and tours

Radio remotes

Musicals and theater performances

Fairs, Carnivals, and Oktoberfest

Cultural and Community Events

Fundraisers and Benefits


How Do We Do Event Geo-Framing?

Following These Easy Steps to Capture Your Perfect Audience


We immediately begin showing mobile ads to the people who are part of our audience

Select an event where you want to advertise to its audience

Geo-frame the venue of the event for the period it will last

Serve those attendees with your mobile ads

You can continue sending mobile ads to the attendees for as many as 30 days

We believe in transparency and we will help you in evaluating each part of your event geo-framing campaign. We’ll look at everything, from the number of IDs that were captured to the number of impressions that were shown to each of them. We’ll measure click-through performance meticulously and even keep track of how many people ended up visiting your business.

We’ve been involved in campaigns where event fences have been configured that identified each individual that entered a park during a weekend festival and then serve people leaving the park with customized ads.

We’ve set an event fence to capture anyone who enters the park to attend a weekend festival
We then show ads to people after they leave the event

Organizing Your Own Event? Keep In Touch With Your Audience

Event Geo-Framing can be MORE than building audiences for your business. Businesses organizing their own event can use Event Geo-Framing as an ideal companion marketing tool. A registration process is often not used at events, and this creates a challenge if you want to reach the event attendees. This is where event geo-framing an event you organize can help! This will enable you to contact all attendees to inform them about the next event you plan on organizing, and will allow you to get them returning time and again!

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