Equinox Broadcasting’ native advertising embeds your ads in trusted content. That is due to native ads normally being placed inside news articles with headings such as “suggested content”. This is different than social ads which are shown in your normal feed.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau classifies native ads into various categories including Product ads, App Install ads, Story Ads, and Video Ads. Display ads are normally shown separately from relevant content, but native ads are placed within the content. This leads to a bigger chance of them being clicked.

These Numbers Tell the Story

  • Native ads are viewed as 27% more reliable than social ads
  • Native ads increase buying intent by 18%
  • Mobile native ad spend doubled between 2018 and 2020
  • 44% of viewers have confidence in native ads shown on news sites
  • Native ads’ engagement rate is from 20% to 60% higher than that of display ads
  • Native ad campaigns run for at least 6 months show a 36% drop in CPC

Will Native Ads Be Effective For My Business?

Reasons You Should Use Native Ads


More Relevant

At first glance, native ads may seem to be part of the content it is displayed with, but studies indicate that consumers fully realize they are ads. People do however feel comfortable with native ads as they often come across them soon after viewing a trusted blog post or news article.

Discovering New Audiences

Businesses often use native ads to generate more opportunities than what can be achieved with traditional digital ads. Consumers often start suffering from advertising fatigue and this leads to specific ads over time not performing as well as they did before. If you have experienced normal online advertising gradually becoming less effective, it may be worthwhile to explore native ads.

Increased Visibility

Native ads are designed to blend into websites’ content organically, resulting in users being less likely to ignore them. The result of this is a higher probability of buying. Typically, native ads generate more attention than other ad types normally do.

Which Types of Business Are Native Ads Effective For?

Native advertising is not suitable for all types of businesses and for it to work properly additional work is required. Programmatic ads typically take users to the homepage of a website, but native ads take a user to an influential page rather than the homepage. Businesses don’t always have the resources required to add this type of page to a website. Using native ads is often most effective in sectors such as education, non-profits, banking, and healthcare.

Many medium and small enterprises don’t find native ads effective as they are not suitable for branding. Native ads very seldom trigger consumers to think of a business when they are seen, but they rather increase curiosity, which leads to them clicking the ad, resulting in them learning more about a service, business, or product. If you want to do branding, looking at display ads and social marketing is a better option. Native is however extremely effective at driving traffic to specific pages on a website.

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