Search Marketing is a very good way to reach your ideal audience in a marketplace that is extremely crowded. With billions of people using the internet every day to search for whatever they are looking for, it makes sense to leverage online advertising’s power. Using Google’s proven advertising program, or marketing on any of the many other search engines available, is a targeted method to reaching your dream customers. If you want thousands of people to become aware of your business fast, one of the best ways is to use SEM (search engine marketing).

By using paid advertisements, your services or products will be shown to potential customers who want to purchase. By using precise keyword targeting, your ad could be the first consumers will see. Getting your ads shown in the top three results has never been more important and we can help you rise through the ranks steadily.

Numbers worth considering

  • 95% of paid mobile searches are done on Google
  • Google executes about 5 billion searches per day
  • As little as 30% of websites have better rankings on mobile searches versus desktop searches
  • 68% of web traffic hitting a website was sent there by a search engine

Improve Your Search Result Ranking

We’ll Assist You in Becoming a Search Engine Result Leader

Equinox Broadcasting will help you use SEM to better your search engine results quickly. SEM generally produces results faster versus any other type of search engine optimization. Our clients often begin noticing that their search engine traffic improves on the day their campaign starts!

We Learn How Your Business Operates

Most SEO companies don’t bother to make the effort to first get to know how your business operates. We do and believe this is crucially important. We’ll only be able to determine which keywords are appropriate if we really know your business well! We’ll spend the time to learn how people tend to go about finding what you’re offering. We then use this information to find the keywords that are used most often in your industry. Firms that don’t take these steps will waste a massive portion of your advertising budget.

We will continue researching as long as your campaign is active. We’ll keep on tracking your ads, make adjustments to your keywords as often as required and make sure you have the most efficient campaign possible.

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