Geoconquesting technology will enable you to use highly focused advertising to serve your ads to your ideal customers. Imagine you can define locations where your ideal customers will likely be hanging out regularly. You are then able to send location-based ads to all individuals that move into those areas. Using our geoconquesting technology will allow you to serve your ads to those potential customers well before they become aware of any of your competitors’ ads.

If you want to start using geoconquesting, the first step is to obtain accurate and complete location data. Once you have this information you will be able to send your digital ads to anybody at the location. By creating virtual fences your custom ads can be sent to any person at a specific place such as sporting events, concerts, or malls.

Quick Stats

  • Recency is a top factor of high converting ads
  • Physical audiences captured in the last 30 days
  • Constantly refreshing our audience by the hour

Geoconquesting Principles

Dominate Your Market


Start by building a virtual fence around a specific location.

Immediately send your business ads to the phones of the people that are at the location.

They will stay on your advertising list for 30 days or more.

Use the location services on these individuals’ mobiles to add them to your businesses’ custom marketing list.

Continue showing them ads for a month or more and keep track of whether they visit your business.

As individuals that enter the specific area are tracked, we create detailed reports that show how many people entered, as well as how many of those were converted. The report also includes how many people looked at or clicked on your ads, as well as how many later visited your business!

Everybody that goes to the location will be shown your ads.

We target anyone who visits this location
We then display our ads

Reconnect With Current Customers

Apart from geofencing being used for targeting potential new customers, the technology is also suitable for reaching your business’ existing customers and sending messages to people who already buy from you!

Employ addressable geofencing to move beyond the basics! Geoconquesting can be used to target customers based on where they live with specific online ads. Simply give us an existing customer list and we’ll help you with creating campaigns that will serve your ad several times rather than only once as is typically done with many other campaigns.

We are able to design various addressable campaigns for however many customer groups you need. We can also help you with campaigns that reward your loyal customers by for example giving them special discounts! As we customize the creatives for each separate group, you can also for example target customers that haven’t bought for a while and get them re-engaging by telling them about your new services or products.

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