Although digital ads are efficient, this can be increased by using programmatic advertising. Furthermore, the cost is also much lower when compared with traditional advertising. At Equinox Broadcasting, we collaborate with several advertising networks to enable us to show your ads on websites and smartphone apps that have massive numbers of visitors. Software is used to detect extremely popular websites and apps, and this allows us to show a bigger target audience your ads very quickly.

Programmatic advertising is undoubtedly effective and as you don’t have to worry about spending a minimum amount each month, it is an option well worth exploring. Irrespective of the business or its budget’s size, we can help you build campaigns that will deliver results. We firmly believe that businesses should all have the same access to the amazing range of marketing tools that will not only help them flourish, but also grow. Programmatic Advertising is amazing in the sense that your ROI could easily be doubled even if you spend a relatively small amount!

Consider this

  • Over $240 billion will be spent on digital ads this year
  • Of the amount spent, 66% will be on programmatic ads
  • About 60% of consumers will click on at least one ad per week
  • Around 51% of digital ad spending is on mobile ads
  • More than 66% of consumers will remember a brand that they’ve seen in online ads in the last seven days

Target Your Ideal Consumers

Our Advanced Targeting Helps You Get the Most Out of Every Dollar

Pinpoint Accurate Targeting

To assist us in identifying exactly who we should serve your digital ads to, we first establish who your ideal consumers are. If you provide us with details about what you already know about your current customers, we will help you track down new customers that are similar to those customers.

Using the search and browsing and history of any individual, it becomes easy to identify their interests and habits, enabling us to show them relevant ads they are more likely to click on.

With the help of social media and data brokers we are able to pinpoint a person by age, gender, income and many other attributes. With this information you can preserve ad dollars, not wasting your money displaying ads to an uninterested audience.

If you run a location based business then you likely only want to advertise to viewers withing your service area. With geofencing we can limit your ads to only appear to people who live and work in a particular area.

Artificial Intelligence (or “machine learning”) is a newer form of advertising which focuses on the conversion of traffic. These ads run with limited targeting parameters and build a profile on your ideal customer over time based on who clicks your ads.

With retargeting we place a cookie on the browser of every person who visits your website. This cookie allows us to create an audience of site visitors who did not convert into a customer. We then display an advertising message to bring them back to your website in order to convert them.

Outstanding Designs

We Create Unique Creatives Tailor-made for Your Business

Lift your ads to a much higher level than the mountains of creatives in the market that have been designed without much insight into the business. People on average see many hundreds of ads every single day and this inevitably leads to many online advertising campaigns not achieving results that make a difference. We go all-out by creating unique, high-quality creatives for your campaigns. We truly feel that this crucial step should be done 100% correctly before even thinking about launching a campaign.

We’ll use the abundant resources at our disposal to produce the very best creatives for you. No matter whether you prefer to use images, videos, or animated HTML5, we’ll make sure that people notice your business.

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