Although it may sound counterintuitive, websites should be more attractive to search engines than they are to viewers. People are using search engines billions of times per day to find things they need, including products, services, and information. Once they have entered the keywords of what they’re looking for, the search engine spits out thousands of results. As nobody wants to go through all the results, your aim should be for your business to appear on Google’s first page. Studies clearly indicate that 90% of Google searchers never move past the first page. If your website is not on the very first page, and ideally towards the top, chances are people will never discover it via searching.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a method employed to optimize websites so they appear as high as possible on search engines’ result pages, if possible, in the top spot. Websites that have been optimized normally rank better and this will lead to an increased number of hits. More people visiting your site will turn into improved chances that consumers will become aware of you and visit, often before they even know that your competitors exist. SEO has developed over tens of years, and the techniques used have also improved. It takes lots of time to become really effective with SEO strategies and you can’t expect to achieve the results you want overnight. If you are willing to spend the time needed, we can help you in improving your ROI.

Fascinating Facts about Search

  • Searchers use Google more than 70% of the time
  • Google performs 2 trillion searches every year
  • Google has indexed 130 trillion web pages
  • Searchers use their mobiles for 50% of the searches

Climb the Search Results Ladder

And Help New Customers Discover Your Business!

SEO efforts are done both off-site and on-site.

On-site consists of

We’ll do an audit on any existing website to identify the issues that may prevent it from ranking well. Once we’ve found the shortcomings, we’ll rectify those to ensure your website is able to achieve success in the search engine supremacy war!

Do you struggle with putting fresh and relevant content on your website? This is one the single hardest areas for many businesses. As if writing content wasn’t hard enough, optimizing that content for search engines is also required! We can help with both! Our copy writers are some of the best in the business, and can fill your website with SEO friendly copy.

Did you know that the speed and usability of your website is considered when determining where you rank? That old website might actually be preventing you from competing in the rankings against your competition. Worse-yet, that expensive and flashy new website could also be slowing you down to the point where you are being penalized with poor rankings.

Off-site consists of

If you don’t ensure that your business’s details such as name, phone numbers, and email addresses are consistent and accurate across all search engines and business directories, you’ll lose out on valuable traffic! We can check and update thousands of search engines and business directories quickly to make sure your profile is perfect and current everywhere.

It’s important to include Social Media in your search engine optimization strategy. A carefully designed profile on Facebook or Twitter can be a significant boost to to your brand. The more people talk about your brand the better positioned you are to receive a boost in the rankings!

Good SEO strategies use the components from both categories to push your website higher in the rankings. When an SEO company promises that if they change keywords or install a simply SEO plugin on your site it will improve the search rankings of your site then you should be extremely careful. The reality is that it takes experts many months to move a website higher on search engine results pages.

SEO is a long-game strategy of increasing your fair share of search engine traffic. If you are looking for short term growth instead then consider Search Engine Marketing.

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