Most businesses never check what their social media page looks like. They may have created a page in the past, but they never put in the effort to update it thereafter. Many also never make any attempt at measuring if their posts actually make a difference to their business. These are only a few of the challenges business owners have to face when they try to use social media for marketing.

At Equinox Broadcasting we can help you with some of the more tricky aspects of social media management and also assist in overcoming the challenges of how you can start using social media to communicate effectively with both new and existing customers! Our experienced social media team can create content that will uplift your brand while we’ll helping your business with retaining and gaining customers.

Interesting Social Media Facts

  • 30% of businesses use outsourcing for the distribution of their B2B social media content
  • 86% of businesses use outsourcing for the creation of their B2B social media content
  • 91% of social media users will explore a brand’s website to find more information
  • 89% of social media users buy from brands
  • 57% of social media users follow brands to be informed about new services or products
  • 85% of social media users recommend brands to friends and family members

Ensure Your Customer Always Think of You First

Don't Be Overwhelmed by the Clutter

Content is King

Due to the huge volume of information that is distributed on social media every minute of every day, it’s very difficult to stand out. How does a service or product compete against the many cute animal videos that pop up daily? Don’t worry about this! The right content will allow you to rise above the clutter!

We specialize in creating content that will be remembered long after it’s been viewed, whether it’s used for social media, SEO, or for any of the many other services we provide. We fully believe that we create the ultimate content! Get real results by letting us help you rejuvenate your social media profile!

When managing social media accounts, we look at:

45% of individuals that unfollow a business’ social account do this because they feel the content is no longer relevant. This is a pity as when they first started following a business, the content must have attracted them at some level. Many businesses unfortunately don’t know how to keep their pages relevant, and this then leads to followers disappearing.

It is a simple truth: When people engage with your page you get a boost! Not only is this a sign that your efforts are paying off, but it also gives you a lift in the social network’s algorithm. For example, Facebook is notorious for promoting engaging content over content that doesn’t capture attention or receive engagements.

Most business owners tend to their social media when they have free time. Unfortunately that lends to posting at the worst possible times of the day. While burning the midnight oil and making a post before climbing bed might make you feel accomplished, your posts are, for the most part, going unseen. We fix this by analyzing your audience to determine the prime time to make posts for your business.

Don’t know whether to employ fact or fun? Should you go flowery or professional? The right mood will determine whether or not viewers engage with your posts. We examine your customer demographics and their behavior to determine what mood will best suit your followers and publish such posts on your behalf.

We Know How to Maximize the Effect of Social Channels

We’ll Help You Build an Effectively Social Media Portfolio

Before embarking on a social media marketing strategy, a business has to determine which platforms are suitable for their type of business. With hundreds of social networking websites and apps out there, no business can be present everywhere. It also doesn’t make sense to try and be everywhere! The platforms that will help achieve a business’s aims have to be selected with care!

Each social network attracts different types of demographics and individuals that use them, and this leads to very specific types of ways of interacting. While some platforms at very good at engagement, others are more suitable to generate leads. Don’t try to guess on which platform your business will achieve its goals, but use our services to build a social media strategy that delivers!

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